About - Sabrina Klomp

Creator. Storyteller. Loved. 

My name is Sabrina. All of these are easy answers to the question, "why do you do what you do?" I know that when God makes us, He gives parts of Himself to us. Like little gifts to shine more like Him in the darkness. I create and tell stories because I am loved. I know the great Story, of how humans were created beautifully but we were flawed in our pride. I know that Christ came to rescue us and redeem our brokenness, no questions asked. And I know I'm living today in the fullness of His love and abundant life. That is why I photograph. That is why I tell stories. Because there is much to tell of how beautiful He made and makes us everyday.

I live in Paso Robles, California with my husband, our two kiddos, and our fish, Gil. We love sipping coffee at Matt's shop , binge-watching New Girl, and exploring the central coast. I grew up in Dallas, so we're often visiting family and hitting favorite our spots on Greenville Avenue. 

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